Why Man Drops?

There may be several factors coming into play regarding your decision to embark on
a diet. Perhaps you feel like you need to lose a few kgs, maybe you are doing it to
support a mate on their weight loss journey.  Maybe you just feel like after the
pressures of Covid that you just need to shred a little fat and get back to your fighting
weight. Whatever your reason for doing the protocol, there is without a doubt
significant benefit above and beyond weight loss to be gained through your decision
to start the Man Drops rapid weight loss plan.

What are the Benefits?

This diet shreds fat quickly if you stick to the program. It involves using a
combination of a very low carbohydrate diet (VLCD) alongside naturopathically
tested homeopathic weight loss drops and it gets even better, there is absolutely no
need to exercise if you choose not to.
The greatest benefit of the Man Drops diet is that you will see rapid weight loss and
the removal of stubborn fat that you may not have been able to shift for years.
In addition to fast weight loss, you will find that cravings become minimal, aches and
pains tend to disappear as inflammation is reduced in your body, you will have more
energy and sleep better than you may have done previously.
Although it seems ridiculous at the outset to think that by consuming as little as 500
to 800 calories a day you will still have energy, the inclusion of the weight loss drops
allows your body to release stored fat into the bloodstream and use this as energy.
Man Drops weight loss drops work on your metabolism, suppress your appetite and
adjust it so that you can readily accept the low-calorie eating plan.
Many of our customers with a labour-intensive jobs follow the 800-calorie option and
are amazed at how much clarity, energy and focus they have on the job while
working through the program.  Adding the extra calories is another benefit of the diet
as it can be adjusted based on individual circumstances including physical work, or
the amount of weight that you plan to lose.
Men, in general, carry more muscle than women and muscle allow for a more robust
metabolism which will help you burn more calories. Therefore, maintaining muscle
mass when dieting is a key component of successful weight loss. Most calorie-restricted diets may result in water loss alongside muscle loss which is broken down
for energy while the body stores fat as it goes into survival mode. I must say that the
Man Drops program is great for reducing fat without seeing a significant loss of
muscle in the individual dieting.
By the end of Maintenance, most men report they are feeling healthier, more
energized, and very happy after rebooting their bodies.


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Liza Brunell

Adv Dip Health Science Naturopathy, Nutrition